Weekly Spotlight: Iris Hantverk Natural Brushes

Introducing our Clean Living Collection, a collaboration with Studio AR+Co. Design House



I was so excited to get a package all the way from Stockholm, Sweden! This collection is so important to us at Lelé, let me tell you why in this blog post. These brushes are completely  hand made, one by one, meticulously crafted by visually impared artisans for the incredible  family owned Iris Hantverk company. The impressive design and crafting methods date all the way back to the 19th century, they are completely natural and most importantly, sustainable. All of them are ethically sourced and harvested and made of very strong natural wood such as oak and beech, plus natural bristles. Iris Hantverk brushes are made to last and age beautifully when cared from properly, plus they come oil treated directly from the company. Most importantly, these brushes are crucial for the support of these artisans and their families. These amazing qualities are what sets them apart from any other brush in the market, you aren't buying a simple brush you are buying a piece of art that will be part of your home for years to come. 


Learn more about Iris Hantverk here:


We will be adding different variations of these brushes and can't wait for you to give them a try! 

Already purchased a brush?

Care instructions from the makers are as follows: 

We want our handmade brushes to continue being a joy to use a long time to come. With a little simple care, they will age beautifully.
Clean the brushes with washing-up liquid and warm water.
Let them dry bristles down, and from time to time oil the wood. We recommend a food grade oil or boiled cold pressed linseed oil"
-Iris Hantverk; Care Instructions



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