Soap & Water All Day, Everyday!

Keep Calm and Scrub-a-dub dub those germs away thoroughly with good old fashion soap and water! 

We know that scrubbing and washing your hands multiple times a day can also take a toll on your precious skin, which is why moisturizing is so important. So what can you do to make sure your skin is always silky smooth?

  • Use handmade soap that is free from harsh chemicals and detergents. We specially formulate our soap bars with plant-based ingredients to have extra moisturizing properties. All of our soaps contain skin-loving oils like Olive and Avocado plus all of our bars are made with fresh coconut milk to boost hydration. Shop our favorite here.
  • Use gentle creams and lotions after hand-washing. Gentle hand creams and lotions are a perfect match! Our Lotion bars are also a great on-the-go product that are mess free and from harsh chemicals. Just slip them in your pocket or purse for daily use anywhere you go. Shop Lotion Bar here.


Extra Tip: Always remember to scrub and wash hands for 20 seconds, the best and proven defense for you and your family.



Want to know about the science behind the fighting power of soap against germs?

An expert in Supra-molecular Chemistry explains why Soap is so good at “destroying” viruses like COVID-19. This is why we are team soap & water all day, everyday! Science can be super cool!

Read article here.


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